Influencer Marketing Strategy / Overview:

We have executed three distinct campaigns for BGBNG, each featuring a different song and utilising various types of influencers. Let’s delve into each campaign’s specific goals and messaging:

  • Campaign 1 – “Transformation and Growth”: Objective: The primary aim of this campaign was to generate awareness by maximising reach and promoting both the brand and the artist. 
  • Campaign 2 – “Fitness Challenge”: Objective: In this campaign, the central theme of the song’s core messaging was to inspire listeners to set fitness goals and push themselves physically. 
  • Campaign 3 – “Festive Season with Nykaa”: Objective: The third campaign sought to create awareness and consideration for Nykaa products during the festive season. By collaborating with relevant influencers, the goal was to highlight Nykaa’s offerings and its significance in enhancing the festive experience.

The strategic use of influencers played a vital role in reaching the target audience and achieving the desired impact for BGBNG.

Results Campaign 1:

Influencers worked with: 5

Accounts Reached: 425,867

Plays on IG Reels: 490,107

Likes: 70,486

Comments: 1,865

Shares: 2,101

Saves: 3,905

EMV: 352 Billion

CPV: Rs 0.57

Results Campaign 2:

Influencers worked with: 5

Accounts Reached: 354,251

Plays on IG Reels: 610,203

Likes: 58,776

Comments: 596

Shares: 1,176 

EMV: 210 Billion

CPV: Rs 0.55

Results Campaign 3:

Influencers worked with: 5

Accounts Reached: 75,972

Plays on IG Reels: 1,876,113

Likes: 163,026

Comments: 2,295

Shares: 2,890

Saves: 5,243

EMV: 157 Billion

CPV: Rs 1.01

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