Influencer Marketing Strategy / Overview:

The primary objective of the Secret Alchemist Influencer Campaign is to generate brand awareness and increase website traffic for Secret Alchemist, a renowned brand in the beauty and skincare industry. The campaign aims to leverage the power of influencers to endorse Secret Alchemist’s products, ultimately leading to increased consumer trial and subsequent sales growth.


  • Increased Brand Awareness: The campaign aims to significantly enhance the brand’s visibility and recognition among the target audience through strategic influencer collaborations and impactful content.
  • Traffic Generation: By driving traffic to Secret Alchemist’s website through influencer recommendations and compelling call-to-action elements, the campaign expects a notable increase in website visits and user engagement.
  • Sales Boost: The primary objective of the campaign is to encourage consumers to try out Secret Alchemist’s products based on influencer recommendations, leading to a subsequent increase in product sales and revenue.


By collaborating with luxury and lifestyle influencers, we successfully raised awareness among the audience about Secret Alchemist, an aromatherapy wellness brand.

We collaborated with popular celebrities and influencers who have a large following on social media. These influencers included well-known figures in the luxury, lifestyle, entertainment, beauty, and fashion industries. They created content specifically for our brand. Additionally, we also partnered with smaller influencers who focus on luxury and lifestyle content.

Post Reach:

Influencers worked with: 41

Reach: 4,220,956

Impressions: 4,332,442

Likes: 475,629

Comments: 2,063

Saves: 18,280

Shares: 2,687

Profile Visit: 93,020

Engagement: 2.46%

Story Reach:

Views: 1,012,789

Impressions: 1,019,451

Sticker Taps: 11,695

Shares: 313

Link Clicks: 5,728

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