Influencer Marketing and PR Strategy / Overview:

The objective was to increase brand visibility by partnering with influencers and expose the restaurant and leverage the influence, credibility, and creativity of influencers to create buzz, attract new customers, and ultimately drive business growth. Along with that, getting great PR coverage for them and to create a positive image, increase visibility, and attract customers.


We conducted influencer events where we invited influencers to the restaurants to enjoy gourmet food, highball cocktails, and fresh mead. The influencers then shared their positive experiences on social media platforms, promoting the restaurants to their followers.

Additionally, we carried out public relations (PR) activities to increase the visibility of the restaurants. 

This involved establishing collaborations with multiple food and beverage (F&B) media outlets. Through these collaborations, we aimed to generate press coverage and media attention for the restaurants, further enhancing their visibility and reputation.

Influencer Marketing Reach:

Reach: 18M +

Influencers worked with: 56

Deliverables: 170

Media Insights:

PR articles: 20

Reach: 8M +

Publication: 16

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